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New Freestyle: Jay Encore – Thoughts of a Champion

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Keep pushing watch the money soon grow
Swag from the 60s 2020 flows,
I do it spew it so eclectic
Garvey Adlibs Luther resurrected
Room full of
vultures throwing bows like luda
I’m just trying to eat big belly like buddha
My pick up line let me coop ya,
Every girl got a past I’m just worried
about her future
Trying to the damn thing while I campaign
Everybody in
the crew pop champagne
Personality got it from my mother
Big thinker big
schemer got that from my brother
Any scheme necessary
Plotting on
matching beamers something cherry
We was tired of walking nigga it was
don’t judge us sky is limit wanted everything above us
hart say it with ya chest lil nigga
What you playing this is chess lil
Yea They dum lost trying to front boss
Old head said I’m
running it right
Everything I worked for see it coming to the light
they say fame come with a price
Ask whitney micheal they a say it come with
ya life
732 I just want to make my city proud,
This my encore please let
me get a bow